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Many of the performances that we put on here at Rosslyn Court are professionally recorded and part of that is shown live on YouTube as a livestream. All livestreams of past performances are available on our YouTube channel.


18th April 2024 - Fay Hield - Born and raised in Yorkshire, folk artist and academic Fay Hield seemed destined to carve a career in traditional folk music. Growing up in the famous Bacca Pipes Folk Club in Keighley, Fay formed a bond of community and tradition that would go on to inspire. Whilst at university in Newcastle studyi... - Watch Livestream

13th April 2024 - Margate Songbook - Concert 3 - Rosslyn Court - Another concert of songs chosen by people in Margate to represent life in England and sung by local performers all of whom are committed to diversity within the community and a positive future for everyone in England.   Singers include: Iain Purves Cheri Allcock Josh Flowers Jon Betham ... - Watch Livestream

11th April 2024 - Bella Gaffney - 2016 Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Award winner Bella Gaffney writes folk inspired songs which she performs along with her own original arrangements of traditional pieces. 2023 will see the release of Bella’s new album which is inspired by connections made over the lockdown period.  Her ... - Watch Livestream

28th March 2024 - Lewis Wood - To say that Lewis Wood is talented is a massive understatement. He is a folk violinist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and record producer from Worcester, currently based in South Oxfordshire. He has gained a reputation as a talented musician on the English folk scene, particularly with the trio Gr... - Watch Livestream

14th March 2024 - James and Saul - Timeless combination of fiddle & box. ‘Masters of their craft. This duo is just brilliant’ (FATEA) Their playing is collaborative and instinctive. They weave tunes around each other seamlessly and with sensitivity. An evening of great tunes and humour.  - Watch Livestream

7th March 2024 - Ashen Keys - The Ashen Keys are a multi instrumental, multi voiced celebration of heartfelt storytelling from Kent. The group brings together three musicians - Hannah Ellerby (vocals, violin, oboe and ukulele), Rachel Lowrie (vocals, guitar, ukulele and clarinet), and Vicky Price (vocals, French horn, accordion)... - Watch Livestream

29th February 2024 - Bird in the Belly - Our apologies: Sorry that the livestream crashed on 29th Feb. The link here is a new one which starts part way through the first set, sadly, because of this but at least it got over 30 mins. Bird in the Belly is a Brighton-based Folk group consisting of folk-duo Hickory Signals (Laura Ward and Adam... - Watch Livestream

22nd February 2024 - Enda McCabe - Enda McCabe is an experienced performer, based in the Conamara gaeltacht in Co. Galway, who sings a mixture of traditional Irish language songs and traditional songs in English, together with some original songs in English. The songs are linked by stories, most, but not all, of which are based on p... - Watch Livestream

15th February 2024 - Trio Manor Manouche (Thomas Abrahams' Band) - Trio Manor Manouche is a gypsy swing band bringing back to life sounds of Paris in the 30s and 40s. Their set list includes many great compositions by Django Reinhardt as well as some of the disciples that followed him and including originals of our own.  The trio consists of Thomas Abrahams, ... - Watch Livestream

1st February 2024 - Goblin Band - Goblin Band formed organically from intimate sessions of the same name run out of Hobgoblin Music, a folk instrument shop in Central London, and organised by a group of queer folk obsessive friends and shop employees. These sessions have given rise to a six piece band which, though firmly rooted in... - Watch Livestream

18th January 2024 - Anthony John Clarke and Julia Porter - Anthony John Clarke and the long-suffering Julia Porter return to Rosslyn Court to launch the DVD they filmed here with Dave Pegg (who is busy with some other band or other.)  You know it will be a great evening’s entertainment. There will be laughter and great songs. Who knows what might... - Watch Livestream

11th January 2024 - Gabriel Moreno and Ned Cartwright - Gabriel Moreno is Gibraltarian singer-songwriter, currently based in London. An irresistibly engaging performer, he combines a latin exuberance and passion with a rare lyrical calibre (he is also an accomplished poet, with 12 books published to date). Performing on nylon string guitar and accompanie... - Watch Livestream


21st December 2023 - Tim Edey - Tim Edey a double BBC Musician of the year BBC ALBA/Scotland Best Traditional musician 2020, BBC Radio Two  Musician of the year 2012 (BBC R2 FOLK AWARDS). Tim has toured the world and recorded with most of the major names in Celtic/Contemporary roots music including; The Chieftains, Christy M... - Watch Livestream

14th December 2023 - Bob Kenward and Steve Morehan - Steeped in tradition and tellers of great tales. Bob Kenward and Steve Morehan are returning to Rosslyn Court despite their first attempt as one of our first livestreams when for the first and only time the internet dropped out during a particularly impressive performance. Stories of Kent and beyon... - Watch Livestream

7th December 2023 - Sam Brothers sings Bob Dylan - English folk singer with a warm voice and nimble picking style who takes influence from Nick Drake and Bob Dylan, and earlier traditional folk. This evening Sam will be performing songs written by Bob Dylan.   Short Bio Described by Acoustic Magazine as "Always Compelling...", Sam Brothers i... - Watch Livestream

25th November 2023 - George Sansome and Sophie Crawford - George Sansome and Sophie Crawford are the duo who created Queer Folk – an organisation that researches queer music and champions LGBTQIA+ musicians. Using the material they have found in the archives, they now perform queer folk music as a duo! They’ve carried out residencies with Sage ... - Watch Livestream

16th November 2023 - Maddie Morris - Maddie Morris is an artist who strives to make a difference in the world. Bold, insightful and refreshingly unique, she takes traditional song in new directions to shine a light on contemporary issues, offering new perspectives about the world we live in today. After graduating with a first-class ... - Watch Livestream

9th November 2023 - Sam Baxter - Sam Baxter is a singer and multi-instrumentalist gaining a reputation for his work with traditional music.  A passionate and enthusiastic performer, his love for the old stories and music of our islands shines through as he forges his own path in traditional music, creating contemporary soundin... - Watch Livestream

5th November 2023 - James Kerry - SOURCE is a set of traditional and self composed tunes by melodeon player James Kerry, accompanied by Mawkin's James Delarre on fiddle, viola and mandolin, Tom Kitching fiddle and mandolin, Danny Tonks on acoustic guitar. This first solo album sees Kerry using Lockdown time to reflect on his love o... - Watch Livestream

26th October 2023 - Mossy Christian - Press Quotes "One of the true new custodians of the tradition" - Bright Young Folk "Intensely uplifting" - FATEA Magazine "A one-man folk industry" – BBC Radio Lincolnshire "Crosses over effortlessly between the tradition and the revival" – Gina Le Faux "Just Stunningly brilliant" &... - Watch Livestream

19th October 2023 - Dave Ferra and Katie Bradley - The Dave Ferra and Katie Bradley Band Dave Ferra and Katie Bradley are two performers who are always ready to create a magical atmosphere.   They come together to front a top-class blues band. Kent singer-songwriter Katie Bradley came into the spotlight with her 2012 iTunes Blues hit “I... - Watch Livestream

12th October 2023 - CJ and Dave Reay - Where else will you see a singer and multi-instrumentalist who's performed in a band with an X Factor finalist, plays Football, and has played cricket for England? The CJ CV packs in more than most, but highlights include blowing her driving lesson money on a drum kit while already playing piano &am... - Watch Livestream

5th October 2023 - Jon Wilks - Jon Wilks is an acclaimed fingerpicking guitarist and singer of traditional folk songs and broadside ballads from the English repertoire.   www.jonwilks.onlineHis background as a journalist, (He is the editor of previously worked as the editorial director of Time Out Tokyo, and ed... - Watch Livestream

28th September 2023 - Pearl Fish - Poetic presence and spirit fuelled music Quo, Fish & Bozard are three London-based Songwriters on the road with their collaborative show. They tell stories about stuck clocks, ice-creams in space and finally seeing the birds.Within the same set, they organically transition from stripped down So... - Watch Livestream

21st September 2023 - Falle Nioke - Falle Nioke is a singer and percussionist from Guinea Conakry, West Africa. He sings in French and English, Susu, Fulani, Malinke and Coniagui, and plays a range of cultural African instruments to accompany his voice (gongoma, Bolon, Cassi).  Since arriving in the UK, after a period travelling... - Watch Livestream

14th September 2023 - Friction Farm - Modern-folk duo Friction Farm is a husband and wife team of internationally travelling troubadours. Aidan Quinn and Christine Stay combine storytelling, social commentary and humour to create songs of everyday life, local heroes, and quirky observations. From ballads to anthems each song is filled w... - Watch Livestream

7th September 2023 - Ruby Tipple - We all knew she would do it one day and here we go - The wonderful Ruby Tipple is bringing out her first EP on Sep 7th and launching it at Rosslyn Court, supported by Harmony Bo and Jon Beetham. Come and support this remarkable young woman. "Ruby pours themes of life, nature and human connection in... - Watch Livestream

27th July 2023 - Jez Hellard and the Djukella Orchestra - Jez Hellard is a singer of potent songs, fine guitarist and simply stunning harmonica player. His band, The Djukella Orchestra, play traditional and contemporary folk music, from jigs, reels and rebel ballads to tango, rhumba and even reggae. - Watch Livestream

20th July 2023 - Ben Paley - Born in London, Ben Paley was surrounded by traditional music from the outset: his father (Tom Paley, one of the great figures of the American folk revival), mother (singer Claudia Gould) and step-father (Ron Gould, writer on jazz, country and folk music) were all enormous influences. At 6 years ol... - Watch Livestream

13th July 2023 - Triage Live - Triage are a well established Kent-based band playing English and American folk music, both songs and tunes, some of them original.Triage are Dean Tainio (vocals and guitar), Kevin Henty (vocals, melodeon and guitar) and Malcolm Peet (dobro, Weissenborn and mandolin.) A good feel evening.Expect a s... - Watch Livestream

29th June 2023 - Snottledogs - Join The Snottledogs on their musical adventure by following them on social media to stay up to date with their latest news, performances, and shanties. - Watch Livestream

22nd June 2023 - Charlie Hannah - Prolific songwriter and DIY recording artist Charlie Hannah will be performing at Roslyn Court on Thursday 22nd June. It will be an intimate show featuring brand new songs as well as a selection from his 5 album back catalogue.  Charlie is the pioneer of two new micro-genres - ‘Domestica&... - Watch Livestream

15th June 2023 - Namara - "One of life's certainties, thus far, is that any music produced by Na-Mara, be it live or recorded, will be of the highest quality and guaranteed to involve subjects and themes of compelling interest." David Pratt, FATEA, April 2019"...Na-Mara is one of today's leading folk ballad duos on the Briti... - Watch Livestream

18th May 2023 - Alden and Patterson - welcome return of spellbinding harmonious duo - Watch Livestream

11th May 2023 - Naomi Bedford and Paul Simmonds - acclaimed duo, born from folk and country roots - Watch Livestream

4th May 2023 - Edwina Hayes - English folk, Americana and rich northern singer/writer tradition - Watch Livestream

27th April 2023 - George Sansome and Matt Quinn - two leading lights of their generation - Watch Livestream

20th April 2023 - John Connolly - welcome return of charming folk legend - Watch Livestream

13th April 2023 - Elizabeth and Jameson - welcome return of harmonious award-winning duo - Watch Livestream

6th April 2023 - John Ward Trio - eclectic music with powerful accompanied three-part harmonies - Watch Livestream

30th March 2023 - Den Miller - strong melodies; catchy sing-along and witty lyrics - Watch Livestream

9th March 2023 - POW - leading female folk artists celebrate the Power of Women Festiva l - Watch Livestream

2nd March 2023 - Gumbo - music with a New Orleans flavour - Watch Livestream

23rd February 2023 - Emily Slade - outstanding guitarist and singer-songwriter from North Herts - Watch Livestream

16th February 2023 - Simon Kempston - Scottish singer/songwriter with intricate finger-picking guitar work - Watch Livestream

9th February 2023 - Roswell - award-winning Americana/folk duo - Watch Livestream

2nd February 2023 - Gerry Colvin - welcome return of one of English folk's great showman - Watch Livestream

19th January 2023 - Good Habits - award-winning alt. folk duo forged on the other side of the globe - Watch Livestream

12th January 2023 - Open Water - local acoustic quartet steeped in the British Folk Tradition - Watch Livestream


18th December 2022 - Tim Edey - Celebrated virtuoso guitar and melodeon player - Watch Livestream

8th December 2022 - Martin Carthy - welcome return of the greatest English folk song performer - Watch Livestream

1st December 2022 - Arcelia - song writing and singing of the very highest order - Watch Livestream

24th November 2022 - Paula Rya - a unique voice sprung from lyrical Gaelic roots - Watch Livestream

17th November 2022 - Sally Ironmonger and Brian Carter - welcome return of Kentish folk icons - Watch Livestream

10th November 2022 - Bob Fox - one of the Pitman Poets with trad and contemporary material - Watch Livestream

3rd November 2022 - Lucy Farrell - unconventional melodies from a Kent-born performer - Watch Livestream

29th October 2022 - Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne - celebrated young folk musician making a solo return - Watch Livestream

13th October 2022 - Lizzy Hardingham - back again, an indominable folk musician - Watch Livestream

6th October 2022 - Winter Wilson - hard hitting songs; stunning harmonies and musicianship - Watch Livestream

29th September 2022 - Ajay Srivastav and Tablaprince - delta blues and Indian folk fusion - Watch Livestream

22nd September 2022 - Jon Beetham and Aidan Shepherd - trad and modern folk with innovative harmonies - Watch Livestream

15th September 2022 - Blair Dunlop - award-winning young British singer, guitarist and song-write - Watch Livestream

8th September 2022 - Mac and Saul - welcome return of great melodeon and hammered dulcimer duo - Watch Livestream

1st September 2022 - Daria Kulesh and Odette Michell - East European and western folk - Watch Livestream

4th August 2022 - Island Girl - seriously cool local woman singing and playing Americana - Watch Livestream

28th July 2022 - Theo MizĂș - Brazilian composer performing on a variety of instruments - Watch Livestream

21st July 2022 - Katy Carr - British singer songwriter with Polish roots - Watch Livestream

14th July 2022 - Iona Lane - evocative and lyrical ballads beautifully performed - Watch Livestream

7th July 2022 - Skinner & Twitch - combining folk, flamenco and theatre - Watch Livestream

16th June 2022 - Hannah Scott - Italian inspired contemporary folk - Watch Livestream

9th June 2022 - Gabriel Moreno - singer, songwriter and poet from Gibraltar - Watch Livestream

2nd June 2022 - Steve Ashley - celebrated influence in UK folk over many decades - Watch Livestream

26th May 2022 - Katie Spencer - singer-songwriter with nostalgic echoes of Bert Jansch - Watch Livestream

19th May 2022 - Henry Parker - eco-conscious and unique new voice in the folk world - Watch Livestream

12th May 2022 - Ian Petrie - established local folk musician who blends comedy and tragedy - Watch Livestream

5th May 2022 - Jali Fily Cissokho - Senegalese kora player of exquisite finesse with soulful voice - Watch Livestream

28th April 2022 - Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner - fine voices with a plethora of songs serious and comic - Watch Livestream

21st April 2022 - Suthering - acclaimed young feminist folkies - Watch Livestream

14th April 2022 - Geoff Lakeman and Rob Murch - dynamic new folk acoustic duo - Watch Livestream

7th April 2022 - Tom McConville - fiddle, song and great wit - Watch Livestream

31st March 2022 - Ben Savage & Hannah Sanders - distinctive, innovative, groundbreaking - Watch Livestream

26th March 2022 - Wildwood Jack - contemporary folk duo with a bluegrass/world twist - Watch Livestream

3rd March 2022 - POW fringe event - Angeline Morrison, January Girls, Ruby Tipple - Watch Livestream

24th February 2022 - Rodney Branigan - the guitar virtuoso from Texas - Watch Livestream

17th February 2022 - Bellibone Rig - local trio with guest poet Sarah Tait - Watch Livestream

10th February 2022 - Josh Flowers - gifted young Ramsgate songwriter/singer - Watch Livestream

3rd February 2022 - Sophie Crawford - acclaimed folkie and theatre maker from London - Watch Livestream

27th January 2022 - Joe Solo - benefit for We Shall Overcome - Watch Livestream

20th January 2022 - Reg Meuross - songs of history, protest, love, loss, and legend - Watch Livestream

13th January 2022 - Steve Gifford - meaningful songs with memorable melodies - Watch Livestream

6th January 2022 - Moa Papillon & friends + Bellibone Rig - kora band + new local group - Watch Livestream


2nd December 2021 - Gavin Alexander - returns with new winter songs - Watch Livestream

25th November 2021 - Jez Lowe - NE icon talking dirty in Geordie! - Watch Livestream

18th November 2021 - Ellie Gowers - exquisite voice and mesmerising style - Watch Livestream

4th November 2021 - Raven's Wedding - return of Karen Scott's new combo - Watch Livestream

23rd October 2021 - Germa Adan's Band - Haitian, American + British folk - Watch Livestream

14th October 2021 - Jeni Hankins - old-time singing and quilting! - Watch Livestream

7th October 2021 - CoCu - Welcome return of local musicians Daisy and Moa - Watch Livestream

23rd September 2021 - Christina Alden & Alex Patterson - another outstanding folk act - Watch Livestream

16th September 2021 - Magpies - acclaimed young female folkies from Yorkshire - Watch Livestream

11th September 2021 - John Kirkpatrick - iconic concertinist - not to be missed - Watch Livestream

2nd September 2021 - Gerry Colvin - celebrated showman and entertainer - Watch Livestream

1st August 2021 - AJ Clarke - folk legend makes a welcome return - Watch Livestream

22nd July 2021 - We are Muffy - harmonies & unexpected instrumentation - Watch Livestream

10th July 2021 - Maddie Morris - politically acute BBC folk award winner - Watch Livestream

26th June 2021 - Ajay Srivastav and Vinod Kerai - Delta blues + Indian folk - Watch Livestream

19th June 2021 - Graham Corbourd - Kinks' tribute on Ray Davies's birthday - Watch Livestream

10th June 2021 - Brown Boots - a return for this brilliant duo - Watch Livestream

3rd June 2021 - Polly Morris - musical commentary to make you smile - Watch Livestream

22nd May 2021 - Chris Fox - Award winning singer-songwriter - Watch Livestream

15th May 2021 - Kevin Henty - songs and melodeon with attitude! - Watch Livestream

8th May 2021 - Beard Conspiracy - thrilling local three-piece ensemble - Watch Livestream

1st May 2021 - Katie Bradley and Dave Ferra - blues as it should be! - Watch Livestream

24th April 2021 - Kath Tate - her songs show insight, wit, bitter humour - Watch Livestream

17th April 2021 - Steve Turner - sophisticated English concertina and song - Watch Livestream

10th April 2021 - Ian K Brown - Ian returns with his witty, poignant set - Watch Livestream

3rd April 2021 - Old Time Rags - exciting one man band + tap dancer - Watch Livestream

27th March 2021 - Camine - twin sisters; exquisite harmonies; jigs and reels - Watch Livestream

20th March 2021 - Hut People - unique and entertaining best-loved UK act - Watch Livestream

17th March 2021 - St. Patrick's - Paddy's Night Special at Rosslyn Court - Watch Livestream

13th March 2021 - Snottledogs - shanties and more by celebrated Margate crew - Watch Livestream

6th March 2021 - Elizabeth & Jameson - best performers, Skegness Festival 2019 - Watch Livestream

5th March 2021 - POW - evening of women-folk for local Power Of Women festival - Watch Livestream

27th February 2021 - Nick Foreman - popular local singer-songwriter - Watch Livestream

20th February 2021 - Lunatraktors - broken folk from wonderful Margate duo - Watch Livestream

13th February 2021 - Winter Wilson - riveting folk duo; sublime songs and harmonies - Watch Livestream

6th February 2021 - Falle Nioke - cool West African vibes - return of a local legend - Watch Livestream

30th January 2021 - John Watterson "Fake Thackray" - more than a fine tribute act - Watch Livestream

23rd January 2021 - Burns Night - wonderful Scottish music with bagpipes! - Watch Livestream

16th January 2021 - Luke Jackson - acclaimed singer-songwriter from Canterbury - Watch Livestream

9th January 2021 - Jon Beetham and Morag Butler - local musicians, great songs - Watch Livestream


Our past livestreams are all still available on YouTube. Links below.

For the very first series (before 12/9/20) fast forward 10 mins to cut to the action as we started with a long slide show of past events and some background music to allow us to monitor and perfect the audio signal.

After 12/9/20, as we got technically more confident, so the intro is much shorter and has an onscreen countdown.

19th December 2020 - JAKL - JAKL weaves his unique magic of music for Christmas - Watch Livestream

12th December 2020 - The Kimberleys - a welcome return with their popular Xmas gig - Watch Livestream

5th December 2020 - Mel Zebra and the Buffaloes - all women acoustic alt punk rock - Watch Livestream

28th November 2020 - Mazaika - Russian soul, tango passion, operatic melodrama - Watch Livestream

21st November 2020 - Among the Reeds - exciting folk instrumentalists - Watch Livestream

14th November 2020 - Gavin Alexander - original song writer and fine performer - Watch Livestream

7th November 2020 - A J Clarke - humorous and touching commentary in his songs - Watch Livestream

1st November 2020 - Chris Cleverley - contemporary issues; great voice and guitar - Watch Livestream

24th October 2020 - CoCu (Daisy Beau and Moa Papilion) - original and traditional songs - Watch Livestream

10th October 2020 - Raven's Wedding - our old friend Karen Scott in a new setting - Watch Livestream

3rd October 2020 - Falle Nioke - hypnotic rhythms and voice from West Africa - Watch Livestream

26th September 2020 - Mac and Saul - melodeon, hammer dulcimer and voices - Watch Livestream

12th September 2020 - King Size Slim - triumphant return - stunning performance - Watch Livestream

29th August 2020 - Jez Hellard & Dukella Orchestra - great return by awesome combo - Watch Livestream

26th August 2020 - Nigel Feist & Dave Ferra - feisty blues and very funny with it - Watch Livestream

19th August 2020 - David Sanger - rare solo performance by a travelling showman - Watch Livestream

14th August 2020 - Helen North - she sang salty sea-songs and did it brilliantly - Watch Livestream

13th August 2020 - Josh Flowers - great local singer/songwriter in Paul Simon style - Watch Livestream

13th August 2020 - John and Di Cullen - traditional folk duo - Watch Livestream

12th August 2020 - Sally Ironmonger/Brian Carter - incisive songs brilliantly enacted - Watch Livestream

5th August 2020 - Fran & Flora - haunting Kelzmer music on cello and violin - Watch Livestream

25th July 2020 - Anna Westin - Canadian singer/songwriter, philosopher and poet - Watch Livestream

24th July 2020 - Bob Kenward/Steve Moreham - Kentish songs skilfully performed - Watch Livestream

18th July 2020 - Lizzy Hardingham - celebrated up and coming folk singer - Watch Livestream

15th July 2020 - Jon Beetham - great young local musician with a gorgeous voice - Watch Livestream

17th June 2020 - JAKL - Margate's own highly accomplished singer songwriter. - Watch Livestream