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Floor Spots at Rosslyn Court

A floor spot is where a member of the audience sings a song or plays a tune before the main artist comes on stage.

It’s a great opportunity for emerging artists to play in front of an audience, to be on the bill with an established artist and for audiences to hear fresh material. The first song will also feature in our on-line broadcast.

Morag pre-arranges floor spots at Rosslyn Court. Please contact her if you would like to perform. If she doesn’t know you then she will want to see a video of your work.

There are two floor spots during concerts, one at the start after the introduction and Morag’s song and one after the break.

Floor spots are an opportunity for a member of the audience to support well known performers and is a regular feature of the folk model. We offer the floor spot performer a free drink. As an audience member, they are expected to pay to get into the concert and to attend the whole performance. They are encouraged to bring along other paying guests to support them and the rest of the evening.