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Shake Me Up Sally

With Sally Ironmonger & Brian Carter, Tony & Lesley Petty. Two highly respected duos, coming together to produce rich vocal harmonies with expert musicianship. It’s folk, but not as we know it.
Tony and Lesley sang with Sally and Brian last time they performed here and we were captivated by their harmonies and arrangements.

Expect a small, friendly, quirky venue with a heart - a bar selling beer, wine and hot and cold drinks and always cake. The venue is on one level. You will be seated at tables or in rows, according to numbers.
The first hour of concerts is livestreamed on YouTube. You can watch it any time after 7.30 on the night of the concert.
The venue is accessible, on one level.

There is usually a floor singer and often a 2-minute community slot informing us of what happens locally. The second half starts with a Q&A and is not livestreamed. The concerts usually finish at 9.30. Please ring for more details. 07902140248


Image representing Shake Me Up Sally from Rosslyn Court