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Counterfeit Ticket Warning

To buy tickets to Rosslyn Court events, please only use the links to WeGotTickets from this website or phone Rosslyn Court directly on 07902 140248 as people have been scammed into buying counterfeit tickets on Facebook.

Don't search using Google as there are false links there that say they are legit but are not. Our tickets are non transferrable. Please bring your WeGotTickets or Rosslyn Court confirmation, your name will be on the door.

We only sell tickets through the official WeGotTickets site via links found here. Please don't lose your hard earned money!

Sam Baxter

9th November 2023, 7.30pm

Sam Baxter is a singer and multi-instrumentalist gaining a reputation for his work with traditional music.  A passionate and enthusiastic performer, his love for the old stories and music of our islands shines through as he forges his own path in traditional music, creating contemporary sounding arrangements of traditional song that resonate with modern audiences whilst still remaining true to the traditions he knows and loves. A rising name in the English folk scene, Sam is gaining attention for his captivating arrangements of traditional song; his sensitive and minimalistic guitar accompaniment; and his distinctive voice and singing style.

Sam Baxter presents traditional songs in a way that is raw and immediate. He weaves and twists the well-trodden melodies of our islands around his own contemporary arrangements, creating deeply personal performances filled with warmth and emotion. 

Sam Baxter sings a carefully selected repertoire of traditional songs paired with electric and acoustic guitars, fiddle and drones, creating a sound that is unmistakably his own. 

‘He doesn’t make the music sound pretty, but it never sounds like he’s not in complete control.’ - Jim Moray,

Image representing Sam Baxter from Rosslyn Court