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Counterfeit Ticket Warning

To buy tickets to Rosslyn Court events, please only use the links to WeGotTickets from this website or phone Rosslyn Court directly on 07902 140248 as people have been scammed into buying counterfeit tickets on Facebook.

Don't search using Google as there are false links there that say they are legit but are not. Our tickets are non transferrable. Please bring your WeGotTickets or Rosslyn Court confirmation, your name will be on the door.

We only sell tickets through the official WeGotTickets site via links found here. Please don't lose your hard earned money!

Maggie Harris’s Birthday bash

8th February 2024, 7.30pm

I'm going to be 70 and am planning a series of readings through the year in different locations sharing the stage with friends and colleagues who have been part of my life. I've been working as a writer in Thanet since the early 90s. For this gig I have invited Mark Holihan, (poet) Sarah Tate (poet) and Cathy Richards (poetry, bassoon) , Fecility Brookesmith to perform… and Morag Butler has kindly agreed to sing a song or two. 

Maggie Harris

Come and  celebrate 70  fabulous years with Maggie Harris at Rosslyn Court.

This is an event organised by Maggie Harris

Note that tickets are £5

'Harris’s voice is attuned to that of the Wild Woman archetype with poems that spring from the place of tension between the vibrant, instinctual nature, and the strictures imposed by society. From the fluid song rhythms of the opening section to the finely crafted later sonnet sequence, these poems ignite both the intellect and the heart'


62  Sweyn Rd  Doors at 7pm  07902140248 for more details

Image representing Maggie Harris’s Birthday bash from Rosslyn Court