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Counterfeit Ticket Warning

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Georgia Shackleton with Aaren Bennett

11th July 2024, 7.30pm

Having recently released her debut solo album 'Harry's Seagull' to critical acclaim, Georgia is currently touring solo material across the UK and Europe. Georgia works with fiddle, voice, tenor guitar and drones to create crisp arrangements of old songs, and new compositions. Her self-penned songs and traditional re-workings achieving national radio play on BBC radio 2, BBC radio 4, and a BBC 3 live session. 


Georgia takes great influence from the traditional singers of the East of England such as Harry Cox, Walter Pardon and Phoebe Smith. Traditional material she performs often stems from her native East Anglia and her own compositions are often inspired by stories from the region and the area's unique, compelling landscape. Her solo album, ‘Harry’s Seagull’ is a celebration of East Anglian traditional music. The album is named after a tune she wrote and dedicated to Harry Cox, after the touching discovery that he kept a wounded seagull as a pet for a period of time. Georgia will be touring this material along with Aaren Bennett on guitar.


"Harry's Seagull shows just how invigorating traditional music can be and how old songs sung with affection can sparkle like new. One of the freshest and most appealing folk albums of the year" - Folk Radio UK

"It could be the best thing she's done in her career thus far" ⋆⋆⋆⋆ RnR magazine


Accompaniment from Aaren Bennett of the Shackleton Trio

Image representing Georgia Shackleton with Aaren Bennett from Rosslyn Court