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Charlie Hannah

Prolific songwriter and DIY recording artist Charlie Hannah will be performing at Roslyn Court on Thursday 22nd June. It will be an intimate show featuring brand new songs as well as a selection from his 5 album back catalogue.  Charlie is the pioneer of two new micro-genres - ‘Domestica’ (songs about housework, hobbies and the human condition) and ‘Rock ’n’ Scroll’ (downtempo headphone meditations on the technological age to accompany scrolling) - he explored the latter on his most recent album - ‘Thames Estuary Blue’. He is the founder of record label Toothpaste Worldwide, through which he releases his own records and those of his other projects - Itchy Teeth and Starfish Men. Charlie is known for his catchy singalong choruses, gallows humour and disarming honesty.

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Image representing Charlie Hannah from Rosslyn Court